Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2009 Certan de May

At Vidalia to celebrate Max and Laura's 1st anniversary, took along the first bottle of '09 Certan de May purchased in Paris from a distributor of some sort, through Craigslist. He listed a bunch of excellent Bordeaux and this one caught my eye as it's been a fav since 1985 when I purchased 4 bottles at the chateau during the great snowstorm of January 1985--30 yrs ago this month come to think of it and a year before Max was born. I love Pomerol and this one was prototypical of great ones. Round soft mellifluous and complex with blackberry, cherry, spice, pine and with airing pronounced sherry wood and caramel aromas. Exquisitely balanced fruit/acid with virtually undetectable tannins yet still pretty youthful looking, the finish was extremely long, complex, fruity and just basically what Pomerol is all about. Great that it drinks so well at young age. Hard to believe it'll get better but I'd guess it'll hold for another 3-5 years. 95 points.